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       Since 2016, Ariti France S.A.R.L, through its website, distributes confectionery and candies in wholesale and semi-wholesale to semi-wholesalers, specialized retailers, traders, fairground, organizers of festive events or associations in France and in the European Community.

       Our catalog offers a wide choice of jelly, sour, citric, bulk, hard, wrapped or not, lollipops, marshmallows, meringues, fun and gadgets confectionery, fairground or old fashioned confectionery, caramels and chocolates... all in large economical packages.

       Our main objective is your satisfaction! For that, we offer you a large choice of confectionery and candies of all kinds, in big packaging and at the lowest price, as well as a fast and economic delivery solution for the sending of a box or a pallet. But above all, we will always try to find solutions to any problem you may encounter when ordering candies on our site.

       Do not hesitate to contact our sales department by e-mail or by phone, if you are looking for a solution, an idea, an advice or simply a product that you cannot find on our site. See also all our candy brands.

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