• Astra Sweets

    Astra Sweets

    The company, Astra Sweets, develops and produces mainly private label products, but also has strong brands in its portfolio. Astra Sweet has become one of the leading producers of sweets in the Netherlands, including gum, liquorice, marshmallows, jellies, capsules etc.

  • Brabo


    Created in the 50's, Funny Candy - Brabo is specialized in the sale of candy dispensers and gadgets. All the products of the brand can be found in the category Fun Confectionery.

  • Brebion


    For over 70 years, Confiserie Chocolaterie BREBION has specialised in festive lollipops, which can be found at fairs and funfairs in France as well as in large amusement parks. Buy in bulk the famous twisted, round and heart lollipops on,

  • Carambar


    The entire Carambar range can be ordered in bulk at The embodiment of French know-how, who doesn't know Carambar? Since 1954, Carambar has been producing its famous caramel candy wrapped in a joke. The best of candy and chocolate. 

  • Cémoi


    Our supplier CÉMOI brings us their 200 years of know-how and their expertise in chocolate. From the bean to the finished product, the CÉMOI Group integrates all the manufacturing stages and has its own sites for the treatment and transformation of the cocoa bean. Find all the chocolates on in the category Chocolates and buy them in large packaging.

  • Cerdan Caramelos

    Cerdan Caramelos

    Cerdan Caramelos is a leading Spanish manufacturer of all kinds of lollipops. Its flagship product is the Ramzy Fizzy, the sour, colouring lollipop with a chewing gum in its centre. You can find all our lollipops in large packaging in our lollipop category.

  • Chupa Chups

    Chupa Chups

    Created in 1958, the famous Spanish brand of lollipops, Chupa Chups is one of our suppliers of lollipops. Often copied, this brand remains the reference for the older and younger children. Find all our sets of Chupa Chups lollipops to buy in bulk in our Lollipops category.

  • Confiserie du Nord

    Confiserie du Nord

    CONFIERIE DU NORD, a French confectioner for over 100 years, designs and manufactures original sweets and candies for the whole family. Their flagship product is undoubtedly THE BURNED HEAD RANGE, but THE CARAMEL MURSE, as well as THE MULTI-PARFUM KARA BOOL are a great success with our fairground retailers, professionals and wholesalers.

  • Damel


    The DAMEL GROUP is a prestigious Spanish food company that produces and distributes sweets, nuts, chocolates, liquid confectionery and Christmas products. You can find the Damel Group's pipas and roasted corn in our Snacking category.

  • Divers


    We have collected several candies and confectionery without brand names or for which we have few products. You can find licensed collectible eggs or Big Baby Pop in bulk in the category Miscellaneous on our wholesale candy website.

  • Dolciaria Chirico

    Dolciaria Chirico

    Dolciaria, the specialist in marshmallow and meringue, manufactures exclusively for large marshmallow confectionery such as strawberry meringue or marshmallow macaroons. Buy in bulk Dolciaria marshmallows and meringues in the category Marshmallow of our website.

  • Fida Bonelle

    Fida Bonelle

    For more than 40 years, Fida has been combining all this to guarantee its customers unique and distinctive products. Fida was inspired by the production of fruit-flavoured soft jellies with a traditional processing method, which gave rise to the famous Bonelle. Over the years, the company has become a market leader in jellies and sweets.

  • Fini Sanchez Cano

    Fini Sanchez Cano

    FINI SANCHEZ CANO, the Spanish specialist in jelly sweets or for resale by the piece. offers in its catalogue the whole range of Fini candies in large packaging, available in the jelly and wrapped bag categories.

  • France Pop Corn

    France Pop Corn

    French Pop Corn manufacturer, France Pop Corn distributes this famous and delicious popcorn confection in its original American recipe in wholesale and semi-wholesale.

  • Hamlet


    Discover the whole range of Hamlet chocolates, Belgian chocolate manufacturer. Discover the succulent products ranging from a wide choice of Belgian pralines, truffles and beautifully decorated chocolate figurines. All these items are 100% Belgian chocolate. 

  • Haribo

    Haribo, le grossiste-distributeur des bonbons Haribo au prix les plus bas de France

    Haribo, la marque référence dans le monde du bonbon gélifié. Bonbonrama distribue toute les confiseries du N°1 des bonbons: gélifiés en vrac, bonbons en sachet, en tubo, réglisse etc...

    Retrouvez toute la gamme Haribo en gros sur

  • Hitschler


    Founded 80 years ago, Hitschler International is an independent, family-owned (German) company specialising in the manufacture of confectionery. Quality and innovation are the two essential components of our products. Histchies, Bandos and Softi in bulk on

  • Johny Bee

    Johny Bee

    Johny Bee is a brand specialised in the manufacture and distribution of fun sweets, candies, surprise cones and small toys for children. Bonbonrama, official distributor of the Johny Bee range. Find the Johny Bee sweets in the category Fun Confectionery on Bonbonrama. Buy at least 10 units of the range and get a 10% discount!

  • Kubli

    Kubli distributes Kubli candies, the French manufacturer created in 1900 in the Paris region. The brand's flagship candies and confectionery are distributed in wholesale and semi-wholesale at wholesale prices on our site, in the category Antique Confectionery

  • La Linoise

    La Linoise

    La Linoise has been making nougat for three generations and continues the tradition. The company supplies with quality confectionery such as large white cubes with almonds, or nougat balls with peanuts.

  • Lonka


    Lonka is a historical Dutch confectioner dating back to 1920, and has focused on artisanal sweets, which are made by hand with fresh and natural ingredients. Find the essential English confectionery fudge, made from butter, sugar and milk, in the category bearing the same name on Bonbonrama

  • Lutti


    Founded 130 years ago, Lutti has unique expertise in all areas of confectionery, including baked sweets, chocolate confectionery and jelly beans. Find the famous Bubblizz, Harlequins and Tubble Gum candies to buy in bulk on Bonbonrama

  • Malabar


    Malabar is a French chewing gum brand launched in 1958 by the company Kréma. Find the famous individually wrapped chewing gum and their famous tattoos.

  • Mars inc

    Mars inc

    Mars Incorporated is an American food company and agribusiness group with operations in about 100 countries and annual sales of over $30 billion. The company is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, USA.

  • Mondelez International

    Mondelez International

    And if you snack but well with our Mondelēz International products. Find all Mondelez brand snacking products in our Biscuits category on our site. The right snack, at the right time, prepared in the right way in large packaging on Bonbonrama.

  • Nestlé


    It was in 1868 that Nestlé first appeared in France. Since the beginning, we have been marketing Nestlé products on our website: KitKat, Lion, Oreo, Smarties, find all the most popular products of the brand on Bonbonrama.

  • Patrelle


    Small family business located in Normandy and more precisely in Houlgate, on the Côte Fleurie and specialized in confectionery.

  • PEZ


    PEZ, unique in its shape, has remained unchanged since its creation in 1927. Find all our Pez dispensers and refills to buy in bulk in category Hard candy.

  • Pierrot Gourmand

    Pierrot Gourmand

    At Pierrot Gourmand, greed has no age and neither does mischief! Discover a unique know-how and creativity in a range of lollipops with authentic flavours, which tantalise the taste buds and delight children... and their parents. Find all the Pierrot Gourmand products on Bonbonrama, sold in bulk

  • SIC - Nice Bonbon

    SIC - Nice Bonbon

    Founded in 1947, in the south of France, in a small village in the hinterland of Nice, the Société Industrielle de Confiserie (S.I.C) is a family business specialising in pocket confectionery. Thanks to the originality and taste of their sweets, the rigorous selection of the ingredients used and a constant quest for innovation, their sweets are appreciated by gourmets all over the world!

  • Trinketto


    Trinketto is the famous confectionery drink from Casa del Dolce, the Italian confectionery manufacturer. Buy all Trinketto flavours in bulk on our website Bonbonrama

  • Trolli


    Since 1975, Trolli has been a specialist in totally crazy and original fruit gum and marshmallow creations. Trend-setting, technical know-how and quality awareness are at the heart of Trolli's concerns. 

  • Vidal


    This family-owned company, the leader in candy in Spain, produces 50 million candies every day. The brand has developed a range of sweets with 100% natural colours and flavours for France. Its famous cherry tongue stain has sold 70 million copies!

  • Wom


    Spanish brand specialising in fun confectionery, Wom is the creator of the famous B-Pop dummies that Bonbonrama sells in wholesale and semi-wholesale in the fun confectionery category.

  • Wringley


    Wringley's is an American manufacturer of chewing gum and confectionery that brings simple pleasures to consumers. Bonbonrama has been selling Wrigley's confectionery in bulk since 2017.

  • Zed Candy

    Zed Candy

    ZED CANDY is a European confectionery manufacturer specialising in sweets that change colour and taste and contain chewing gum. Its most famous confectionery products are Mammouth Jawbreakers, Mammouth Tetines

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