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Wringley's is an American manufacturer of chewing gum and confectionery that brings simple pleasures to consumers. Bonbonrama has been selling Wrigley's confectionery in bulk since 2017.

Wrigley dont le siège est basé à Chicago, Illinois (États-Unis), est l’un des premiers fabricants mondiaux de chewing-gums et de confiseries qui apportent des plaisirs simples aux consommateurs. Wrigley dispose d’installations dans plus de 50 pays et distribue ses produits dans plus de 180 pays. Bonbonrama commercialise les confiseries de Wrigley en gros depuis 2017.

  • Hubba Bubba Fancy Fruit

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    The Hubba Bubba chewing gum in Fancy fruits version ! Sold in bulk in a display of 12 boxes of 56 gr or in a complete box of 3 x 12 pcs

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  • Skittles Original Bags

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    The famous multicolored fruity and sugared gum candies from Wrigley, the American manufacturer.

    These 350 gram bags are the most sold format today by our customers in grocers, tobacconists or cinemas.

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