List of products by brand Dolciaria Chirico

Dolciaria, the specialist in marshmallow and meringue, manufactures exclusively for large marshmallow confectionery such as strawberry meringue or marshmallow macaroons. Buy in bulk Dolciaria marshmallows and meringues in the category Marshmallow of our website.

Dolciaria Chirico: Experience and quality.

Dolciaria Chirico was born in 1969 thanks to Francesco Chirico, an ingenious and tenacious emigrant to Switzerland. After a solid experience in the confectionery business in Zurich, Francesco Chirico decided it was time to return to Italy and realize the dream he'd had for years: to create his own confectionery. Today, Dolciaria Chirico has become a major player in the world of fairground confectionery, and is able to supply quality products thanks to its use of state-of-the-art machinery and its constant quest for improvement.

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