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All our nougat candy in large packaging.

Find here the famous peanut nougat cubes from La Linoise, famous French manufacturer of quality nougat. These sweets that you can order in wholesale or half-wholesale on our site, are top-of-the-range products and are ideal for the resale of sweets in bulk or by weight.

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  • Nougatine

    Stock Bas

    Confectionery made from caramel and peanut in rectangular shape - Broken piece of Nougatine - 5 kg Bag

  • Papillote Almond Nougat

    Stock Bas

    Nougat with almonds in foil - Quality confectionery made in France sold in large packaging in a bag of 5 kg (The bag contains about 640 pieces)

  • Peanut & Nougat Dumpling


    Confectionery in the shape of a ball of vanilla nougat and covered with peanut in wholesale packing in a box of 3 kg

  • Salted Toffee Nougat Cube


    The traditional soft nougat mixed with almond chips and salted butter caramel x 3 kg

  • White Nougat Cube


    Candy in the shape of a large cube of almond nougat. Traditional quality confectionery made in France ideal for resale by weight or piece

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