List of products by brand Carambar

The entire Carambar range can be ordered in bulk at The embodiment of French know-how, who doesn't know Carambar? Since 1954, Carambar has been producing its famous caramel candy wrapped in a joke. The best of candy and chocolate. 

The Carambar candy is said to have been created in 1954 by the head of production and the plant manager of the Delespaul-Havez company in Marcq-en-Barœul (a suburb of Lille). According to the Carambar website, they decided to mix excess cocoa with caramel. A malfunctioning machine produced candies that were longer than usual.

The inside of each package is printed with a "humorous line" aimed at children. Mainly distributed in France, around a billion units of these sweets are consumed every year. Today, this confectionery is available in variants with artificial fruit, nougat (under the Caranougat brand) or cola flavors, followed by varieties with very strong artificial tastes (such as Atomic cactus). There's also a two-flavored variety (bigou), and molo, richer in emulsifiers. The original confection is reputed to be very hard and sticky, while its variations are much softer.

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