Many items out of stock

Out of stock, where are our products?

As you may have noticed, many candies are missing. These out-of-stock have been affecting all retailers since the beginning of the year.

And yet, it is not for lack of ordering! We still have a lot of trouble to get deliveries from all manufacturers (including the biggest ones). Why?

All sectors of activity are impacted. And the causes are global and multiple : the recovery of the economic activity after Covid, the delays in the global supply chain, the war in Ukraine, the high cost of raw materials ...

To try to limit the impact that these disruptions could have on your business, we are trying to develop partnerships with new manufacturers. This would allow us to propose new references to your customers and thus maintain your turnover.

And to enlarge our catalog, we are also listening to you to find the products that would interest you! Do not hesitate to talk to us about it.

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