Where did the idea for Bonbonrama come from? Who is Bonbonrama?


Bonbonrama.com is a website of Ariti France, a confectionery wholesaler since 2008. Bonbonrama.com is an online sales site aimed directly at candy retailers throughout Europe. It's a space dedicated to you, where you can find the best brands, the best sweets and new low-cost confectionery!


Our history, our business and our partner confectioners:


Since 2008, Ariti France S.A.R.L has been distributing wholesale confectionery to semi-wholesalers, fairground operators, event organisers, convenience stores and other specialist outlets in Marseille and the south of France.

Created in 2016, our website, Bonbonrama.com, enables us to offer professionals throughout France and the European community a wide range of confectionery and sweets in large packs and manufactured by the biggest brands, such as:

Haribo Lamy Lutti Trolli CONFISERIE DU NORD Astra Sweet Fini Sanchez Cano Brabo Pierrot Gourmand Chupa Chups Vidal Hitschler Dolciaria Chirico

This selection is ideal for resale in bulk or retail, at fairs or in shops, for making candy cakes or candy bars, or as gifts during commercial operations. Our purchasing volumes enable us to offer you the best prices without neglecting the quality of our service: honouring our commitments, speed of dispatch, carefully selected and packaged products and a great availability to listen to you and advise you. In our catalogue you will find a wide range of sweets distributed in large packs, in bulk or in their display case, in bags from 1 to 5 kg, packaged or not, halal, vegan or even gluten-free or sugar-free. Welcome to the wholesaler of cheap sweets and candies !





We offer the most sought-after sweets consumed in France. We are also constantly looking for new products. You'll find a wide range of products on our site. Whether you're looking for Haribo sweets, cheap sweets or fairground confectionery, you're bound to find something sweet to suit you. Buy your cheap sweets from some of the biggest brands such as Haribos sweets, Lutti sweets, Fini sweets, Trolli sweets, Pierrot Gourmand sweets, Fizzy sweets, Vidal sweets, the famous Carambar toffee, liquorice or Krema sweets. For chocolate lovers, you can also count on our selection of chocolate bars and the great names of chocolate manufacturers: Milka, Lindt, Côte d'Or, Mars or even Kinder and Nutella. Finding a sweet on the Internet has never been easier.


Low prices and offers all year round! Our purchasing volumes guarantee you the best prices!



Have them delivered quickly, anywhere in France and, if possible, free of charge! Bonbonrama is also the No. 1 site for selling sweets, with our many gourmet references. Buy your sweets from the No. 1 sweets site! In our online shop you'll find a wide range of sweets, each more delicious than the last. Buying a Haribo or Fini sweet has never been easier. Add your products to the basket and let us guide you to place your order quickly and easily.



Our team of enthusiasts is at your disposal to offer you the best confectionery ideal for your shops, for your corporate gifts and for preparing your events: weddings, christenings, baby showers, etc. Buy your confectionery in bulk with Bonbonrama, we are available to advise you, accompany you during your order or choose your sweets. Contact us and our team of enthusiasts will get back to you to offer you a turnkey solution for your project.



Our priority is your satisfaction. Whatever the problem, we do our utmost to find a solution.


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We have a large warehouse in the south of France, La Ciotat (13). Our pickers prepare your parcels and pallets. Our confectionery is packaged in hermetically sealed bags or boxes to guarantee freshness and product preservation. We wish you a pleasant visit and an excellent tasting.

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