The Sweet Secrets of Our Adventure at the SIPRHO Trade Show!

First Steps into the World of Trade Shows

This event held special significance for BONBONRAMA! Not only was it our first time at a trade show, but it was also the first time we had the opportunity to meet our customers face-to-face. As an exclusively online company, this chance to connect with our customers and showcase our products in person was invaluable.

The event took place at the renowned Parc des Expositions in Montpellier from February 12th to 14th, 2024. These few days were like a true explosion of flavors and encounters! We had the opportunity to present our incredible variety of exquisite candies and establish wonderfully fruitful connections with professionals from all over the country. You can imagine that for us, it was like diving into a sweet bath of happiness! ?✨

Sweet Alliances

We also had the unique opportunity to strengthen our ties with our valuable partners in the confectionery industry, among them well-known names such as Haribo, Lutti, Carambar, Fini, and Trolli. Our proximity to our partners opened new doors, allowing us to explore collaborations as exciting as they are delicious and to exchange insights on the challenges and opportunities shaping the wholesale confectionery industry.

We had the privilege of discovering it in a sneak peek: the "Haribo Box". This little box full of promises is about to revolutionize the world of confectionery! Imagine the possibility of creating customized assortments of Haribo delights to satisfy the taste buds of your most demanding customers. It's like an explosion of flavors and creativity!

This innovative initiative offers our customers the opportunity to diversify their product offerings while benefiting from the unmatched reputation and quality of Haribo products. The "Haribo Box" promises to become an indispensable asset for boosting sales, retaining customers, and offering an exceptional experience that will make eyes sparkle and taste buds dance! ?


Alongside the captivating "Haribo Box," our Bonbonrama booth also shone with irresistible new additions: children's welcome packs, the "l'Elixir des 3 sorciers " Lemonades, and a brand-new range of American candies. These unique products elicited "oohs" and "aahs" among visitors, adding a touch of magic and surprise to our sweet universe. Picture yourself savoring an enchanting lemonade and American-flavored candies, all accompanied by surprises in our welcome pack!


Our Preferred Customers: Who Are They and Why Choose Our Products

After our first dive into the thrilling world of professional trade shows, we are ready to delight all lovers of sweetness, from small businesses to large enterprises!

Whether you're a local grocery store in search of exquisite treats, a restaurant eager to surprise your guests with a sweet touch, a campground looking to delight campers with gourmet delights, or even an ambitious reseller looking to expand your offerings, Bonbonrama is here to fulfill all your sweet dreams! Even fairground vendors in search of sweets for their stand will find happiness among our diverse selection.

And don't forget, our dedicated team is here to provide you with exceptional customer service, answering all your questions and guiding you in your choices! ?✨

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