Price increase, candy not spared

2021 - 2022 - Recovery of the world economy = strong price increase!

For a few months now, in all sectors of activity, and throughout the World, a strong inflation has been affecting the current consumer goods. There is even a shortage of some products !

But what is going on ?

Thanks to the end of sanitary restrictions in the world, the world economy has experienced a sudden recovery never seen before, which has generated problems that affect all sectors of trade : the shortage of raw materials and transport solutions. As you may have noticed, this has automatically led to supply problems, even for the biggest brands, and therefore to higher prices.

In the sweet sector, it's the same problem. Since the decontamination and the gradual lifting of restrictions, our customers have been able to restart their activities or receive the public. The public's impatience was so great that consumption exploded all at once.

You must have noticed that many of our products are on back order. And yet, we order very large quantities from the manufacturers, but they can't supply us! The fun confectionery is the category of the most impacted products. The manufacturing centers are in Asia, and in addition to the shortage of raw materials, the factories that all want to run 24 hours a day to meet demand are rationed in electricity and work only in part time. And finally, the price of a container has risen from 2000 € in 2019 to 18 000 € by the end of 2021 !

That's why today we have many more breakages than in normal times, and that in addition, prices can change from one arrival to another. We suffer as you do and to cope, we have decided to order larger volumes and to stock, as soon as a product is available.

We don't have everything, but when we have it, we really have it !

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