June, make it change !

Summer is just around the corner, why not do some summer cleaning! 

Reclaim the space in your store, optimize the storage of your lollipop stock, find the best place for your candy tubes and hang your candy bags on beautiful displays. 

Find a selection of our empty display stands for Haribo jelly beans and Fini brand bulk candy bags. 

Make a splash by filling up on our new fun confections, new Haribo batches and new watermelon and passion fruit jelly beans from Vidal, like a fruit salad! 

Weather report 

"Today it will be hot in the warehouse!" If you can no longer order chocolates, topped cookies or the famous Miniature Mix Celebration chocolates, it's perfectly normal. We suspend the marketing of these products during the summer (from June to September). With the summer, the big heats can deteriorate these products. 

New technology on Bonbonrama.com

Have you been observant? Have you seen that we offer a new payment method? Pay by wire transfer quickly with our Fintecture payment solution. Simple, fast, ergonomic and secure, pay your order by bank transfer while remaining connected. 

You are blocked during the purchase ? Have you seen this sentence "Fragile product: delivery on pallet mandatory and the order must weigh more than 30 kg to guarantee a delivery in good condition" in the descriptions of the fragile products? or this sentence "Shipping on pallet: 30 kg minimum" when you want to validate your order? To ensure the integrity of your order, we take the necessary precautions to ensure that the transport of your order is done in the best conditions from our warehouse to your store. 

That's it for the news and information of the month of June. On the customer service side, nothing changes, we remain available to answer your questions from Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 12pm - 2pm to 5pm.  

See you soon on bonbonrama.com!

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