Increase of shipping cost

At, we deliver candies in bulk everywhere in France and in the European Community. For a few months now we have been adjusting our shipping costs, we explain why just below. 

France entirely affected

Since the beginning of the year, we have noticed an increase in the price of diesel fuel and, as a result, we have been hit by an increase in the diesel tax. Our carriers are increasing the amount of shipping costs for France and Europe. Due to the increases noted in the carriers' networks, we have updated the amount of the shipping costs. 

Bonbonrama participates in shipping costs

In spite of the increases of the carriers, we would like to remind you that Bonbonrama participates in your shipping costs, we take in charge a part of the amount of the shipping costs, because you are worth it!

Finally, a little information about orders placed on our website: orders placed after 8:30 am will be shipped the next day (except weekends and holidays). There is no delivery on weekends. And for more information on our deliveries, learn more by clicking on this button: DELIVERIES

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