Discover Ultimate Softness with the New Dolciaria Chirico Marshmallow Range

Dive into a world where gourmandise meets imagination with Dolciaria's latest creation: our new range of marshmallows, a festival of colors and shapes.

Chewy marshmallows 

Imagine golf balls that melt in your mouth... Discover our range of marshmallows, where each color invites you to a unique experience: red for sweet strawberry, blue for blackberry sweetness, green for crisp apple, and many other shades to explore: pink, violet, black, orange... Each bite is an explosion of colors, an invitation to an intoxicating visual journey through a landscape of marshmallows with delicately subtle aromas.


Fun shapes for an overflowing sweet tooth 

Dolciaria Chirico's creativity doesn't stop there: discover fun marshmallows in the shape of crunchy carrots, juicy strawberries, mischievous mushrooms, refreshing ice creams and even tender hearts. These adorable creations are perfect for brightening up a birthday party, adding a touch of whimsy to a sweet buffet or simply brightening up a day.


Giant Wrapped Meringue Strawberry: The New Confectionery Star !

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable taste experience with our latest novelty: the Giant Wrapped Meringue Strawberry. 

Imagine a giant strawberry sweetened with marshmallow, all individually wrapped for optimum freshness. Fraise Géante Meringuée Enveloppée is the ideal option for individual resale. Its generous 55-gram format makes it an attractive and satisfying confection for customers looking for an indulgent treat. Individually wrapped, it offers not only optimal preservation but also a practicality that makes it perfectly suited to single-selling.


Create unique candy cakes with our gourmet marshmallows !

Follow the example of our customer "Génération Souvenir" and be inspired to turn your passion for sweets into sweet masterpieces. Use our delicious marshmallows as the main ingredient to create sensational candy cakes. Imagine heaps of colorful marshmallows, offering a multitude of flavors and textures in every bite. You can mix and match colors and shapes to create unique designs! With our multi-colored marshmallows, the possibilities are endless, giving free rein to your creativity when concocting candy cakes.


Thanks to "Génération Souvenir" for the photos ✨

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