2023 new year, price changes !

Why have prices increased on Bonbonrama.com? 

You're probably asking yourself this question, but why have prices gone up?

It's everywhere, and it concerns all sectors of activity including the candy industry... yes, the price of candy has exploded recently: +26% at Haribo in January, +25% in 3 months at Cerdan Caramelos, +40% at Vidal since the beginning of 2022... all manufacturers are increasing their prices. We are suffering from them like you and we are obliged, like all our colleagues, to pass them on to you. And you will have to pass this on to your consumer customers. But don't worry, you won't be seen as the bad guys because your customers will see the same increases in supermarkets

(read this article: https://www.lemonde.fr/economie/article/2022/12/01/nouvelle-flambee-des-prix-en-vue-dans-les-grandes-surfaces-en-2023_6152486_3234.html )

Why such price increases? 

The price of raw materials has been affected by the soaring cost of energy (electricity for production, fuel for transport). And it takes even more electricity to produce confectionery. In our manufacturing neighbours, such as Germany, the Netherlands, Italy or Belgium, the cost of energy has increased threefold since 2022.

We are in the process of readjusting our rates as we go along. Some of the increases in the last quarter of 2022 had not been passed on. We are therefore giving these references a double increase at the beginning of the year.

Conclusion: We are as sorry as you are, but prices are going up and they will obviously continue to do so. But fortunately for us and for you, this doesn't stop the consumption of sweets at all!

Yes, the consumer will not feel a 25% price increase in the same way because for him, buying a confectionery, synonymous with pleasure, at 1 € or 1.2 € or 1.5 € will not change anything!

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