Find our candies in Radisson hotels

As you know, we are a wholesaler and we do everything possible to satisfy the demands of our customers and future customers! 

This is why we have been producing and delivering welcome sweets for all Radisson hotels since July. Here is the perfect recipe for a good collaboration!

A part of logistics

Once the contact has been established and the request understood, we call on our team of experts who find the best candy to meet the request, unless you already have an idea of what you want!

How about a sweet treat to welcome your customers or to slip into their orders as a thank you? Think about individually wrapped candies, convenient to distribute! 

Then we make sure of the available stock, if not we ensure the restocking with the supplier and according to your imperatives and your deadlines. It is also necessary to think about certain points concerning the expedition, to whom do we deliver ? one or several delivery addresses ?

A pinch of creativity 

Finding the perfect candy is done! Now let's go to the personalization! Indeed, by anticipating, we can meet your requests for personalization: stick a sticker, print a logo ... it is even possible to repackage the candy in large packages in special packaging such as bags, boxes, pouches etc. 

Above all a great flexibility!

Within the framework of our collaboration, but like all our usual shipments, we guarantee orders shipped to the place of distribution, as in the case of Radisson, in all hotels in France and Europe. We ensure each shipment, the follow-up of the shipments with all the usual guarantees of our shipments.

The result? Vegan welcome sweets, individually wrapped and stamped with the colors of Radisson Blu, Radisson Red, Radisson Hotel and Radisson Collection, delivered to the Radisson Blu Hotel in Marseille, the Radisson Blu Hotel in Latvia, the Radisson Collection Hotel in Spain and many others!

And you, tell us more about your project ? 

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