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Find all the candies and sweets sold in bulk and in destocking by Bonbonrama, the online wholesaler of candies and sweets. Order our candy toy in the catalog with all our references of playful and funny candies.

  • Baby Drops BBD 11/22

    €14.00 €7.00

    Baby Drops, dolls on the jar that contains Jelly Beans in 3 flavors: Pineapple, Lime and Cola. Sold in wholesale packing, display of 12 units with 3 different Baby Drops to collect or in a full carton of 12 x 12 pcs

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    Best Before Date : November 2022

  • Coffee Dessert Sauce Docello BBD 11/22

    €7.70 €3.08

    Coffee dessert sauce topping for desserts. Bottle of 1 kg (771 ml)

    As a topping: use directly on ice cream sundaes, rice pudding, whipped cream... As an accompaniment to hot pies, cakes, pancakes, and all types of pastries. To decorate cooked fruits: baked apples, roasted pears and bananas, fruit brochettes... To decorate sweet dishes.

    Sold in bulk packaging in a 1 kg bottle or in a full carton of 6 x 1 kg

    Best Before Date : November 2022

  • Crunch Crispies BBD 08/22

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    €7.50 €4.50

    Crunchy cookie toppings with milk chocolate and Lion caramel chips in large 400 gr. bags.

    old in bulk packaging in a 400 gr bag or in a full carton of 16 x 400 gr

    Best Before Date : August 2022*

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  • Pack Jelly Beans x 36 pcs

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    €72.00 €57.60

    Pack of 3 flavours (Cotton Candy, Licorice and Cherry) of Jelly Beans of the brand Jelly Belly in individual bag of 70 gr, sold in bulk in a set of 3 displays of 12 pcs, that is 36 bags of jelly beans

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