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1 - What are your shipping times?? (Question by Nicolas R.)

Our response: It depends upon your delivery address, and the size of your order. If you place your order before 8:30 AM, it will be fulfilled that same morning, and right then collected by the appropriate carrier. The expedition originates from the Bouches du Rhône department, in the south of France. Depending on the overall weight, size and nature of your order, it will be shipped through GLS, KUEHNE NAGEL, or Rocca for Corsica. Orders shipped with GLS, present the shortest times. Shipping can take 24 hours when your delivery address is located in the southern part of France. And 48 hours for further northern areas.

 For larger orders, with a need to be palletized (with KUEHNE NAGEL), shipping can take up to 4 business days. Those are shipping times provided by the carrier, and frequently observed. Sometimes, in more remote and isolated areas, shipping can take 1 or 2 days extra. And for larger cities, we observed shorter shipping times (sometimes only 2 days for Lyon, for example).

 Please account for weekends and bank holidays. There is no ground transport on weekends and bank holidays.

2 - Why isn’t there an expiration date (DLC) on your product pages? (Question by Marion C.)

Our response: First off, there are no Expiration Date (DLC -Date de Limite de Consommation), on confectionary, but rather a BBE date (Best Before End) known in French as DDM or DLUO (Date de Durabilité Minimale or Date Limite d’Utilisation Optimale).

Browse here the website for Directorate General for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control

 DDM or BBE is an indication by the manufacturer, allowing him to guarantee taste and nutritional qualities, if the candy product is consumed before the indicated date. Once past that date, it is neither forbidden to sale the product nor dangerous to consume it. In the case of confectionary, we observed that the candy product could be less fluffy, a bit drier or less flavorful, when manufactured 2 to 3 years prior.

 Second, we receive products every day, and have over 600 SKUs in our catalog (and that number keeps growing), it is nearly impossible for us to modify every product page, every time a pallet is finished and another one is started. To reassure you, manufacturer display BBEs ranging from 2 to 3 years, and we are replenishing every SKU once to 10 times a year. In the eventuality that sales of a specific candy product were not up to par, or if the BBE was approaching soon, we would then clearance it ASAP and inform you through the site.

3 - I own a business and would like to know if I can receive benefits and/or additional discount? (Question by Philippe D.)

Our answer: As you have may have noticed, we are specialized in the wholesale of candy products and confectionary in large sizes, for bulk, by weight or by piece resale. You also may have noticed our low prices. We have made a huge effort to lower our margins, because all of our customers only order large quantities and often, several times a year. At the exception of a few event organizers (wedding, birthday, association) most of our customers are confectionary professional resellers.

 In order to further reward loyalty, we have put in place a reward points system, redeemable into gift certificates!

 4- May I have a paper copy of your catalog? (Question by Alice R.)

Our answer: We do not have a paper version of catalog for us to provide you with, but you can download our catalog as PDF, that you freely will be able to print and browse. This catalog is updated at the same time our website is, therefore, you will find the same inventory.


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