Candy Cake

Candy Cake

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  • Candy Cake Support Car

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    Car Candy Cake Support - Transparent plastic Car for cakes from Tonton Pierrot sold in large packaging in a pack of 30 supports.

    The box contains : 30 Supports Car + 30 Packaging Bags + Instructions

    Ideal for the creation of cakes and candies !

    Warning, this kit doesn't contain any candy

    The Photo illustrates the use of the support

    Possibility to buy cake and pie support

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  • Candy Pie Support 22 cm


    Create and sell your own Candy Pie with this complete kit.

    The box contains : 30 Supports (22 cm diameter) + 30 Packaging Bags + Instructions

    Buy Price of on complete Lollipop kit : 1,9 €

    NO CANDY IN THE PACK - The photo represents a possible realization


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